Welcome to my wild world, darling.

It is full of photography, creative twists, clumsy strings of words that make you feel, and a little piece of me.

I am a sophomore at the University of Kansas. I am double majoring in Strategic Communications Journalism and Business Administration. Since most of you are probably thinking what the hell I plan on doing with that, I will clear up your confusion. I am extremely passionate about the creative branch of advertisement agencies. Advertisement and marketing light up my world and interest me tremendously. I plan on following my passions and going into a creative branch of an agency. However, as we all know, life always has its own agenda. I am very excited to see where life takes me and my creative mess I have for a brain.

My love for life, nature, and love is overwhelming. I hope to capture those in my photography in their purest, most vulnerable forms.

I hope you stay and explore my wild world a little longer.

Thank you,

yours truly.